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I am forever grateful I met Ellie and was introduced to spinal energetics. I have had 6 sessions and wow, this has changed my life. I am a young 26-year-old who has struggled most my life with bullying through my school life, stage 3 endometriosis and several surgeries, and a constant battle of just feeling low and down about my life, but that has all changed. I was a little nervous to try this healing modality, but I was ready to let the past go. Ellie held each session with love, care and just had an amazing energy presents in the room, which made me feel super safe and free to just be me and let go. After 6 sessions, I have noticed the following changes to myself.

-        Resting heart rate has dropped, I noticed this after my very first session, my average resting heart rate dropped an average 7 beats a minute.

-        Sleep has improved drastically, I have gone from struggling to get to sleep every night, to be able to hop into bed, snuggle up and drop off to sleep super quickly, and not tossing and turning and thinking till all hours.

-        Waking up each morning with my energy and motivation for the day. I used to hate getting out of bed in the morning, now I get up quickly and I feel motivated to have a great day.

-        Boosted my confidences. I had no confidence, after years of bullying I felt so isolated and was very hesitant to express myself, but no more. I am super confident now, more vocal at work and I don’t think about what others maybe thinking of me, I feel proud of me and what I do. I am always so happy and smiling, and I feel like I am full of positive energy from top to toe.

-        Released tension in my body. I have always been super tense in my body, especially in the shoulder area, but this has gone, and I feel so more relaxed and able to just be free.

-        Lot less body pains, especially in my stomach, back and hips. I felt I held a lot of emotion and pain here, and after several healing sessions, I now feel so free and a lot less pain and tighten in this area.

-        Ellie helped me to grief properly the loss of my uncle who was killed instantly in a car crash 7 years ago. She made me feel so safe, loved and open, giving me the space to fully open up and let the pain go (lot of tears and anger).

-        I feel my emotions and let them flow when they come up. In the past I would always shut them down and not acknowledge them, but now I acknowledge them, allow myself to be present with them and feel the emotions and let it go.

-        With a change in my personal energy levels, now full of positive vibes and I handle negative situations a lot better.

-        Finally, the best one for last, I am much more active now. I have found my spark again to wake up early during the weekends and get a walk around the mount. I have my spring back in my step, thank you Ellie. xxoo

Thank you, Ellie, for holding the most positive, welcoming, warm, and magically space, you have made me feel so safe and calm, comfortable and relaxed, and allowed myself to be so vulnerable and open, and let everything go. You have really helped changed my life and brought out a new woman in me.

Alexa Young, CA

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