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The Mastermind 


Who Are We

Expand on your mindset, beliefs, knowledge, healing, radiance, sexual energy, confidence and community  

This is for women who are craving more. 

Maybe you have done a course 

Maybe you have read all the books or listened to all the podcasts 

Maybe have started to implement some ideas into your life 

And now you are thinking, whats next? 

I still feel the same, or nothing has changed for me 

Or maybe everything has changed and you want that next level! 

Then this is the mastermind for you. Its time for you to enter EXPANSION 

In this container you will be guided into your depths of desire, 

You will find explode with passion for your life,

You will continue to find wounds and heal them at a cellular level,

You will have the unconditional love and support from your soul community in this container,

You will expand into the highest expression of your self and claim the life of your choosing. 

These are small intimate containers where you receive hot seat coaching and activations in every call. We cover everything from, MONEY, BUSINESS, LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, SEX, SENSUALITY, FEMININE LEADERSHIP, CONFIDENCE, DESIRES, CREATION, MANIFESTATION, there is no limit to where you want to go. 


Minimum sign up for 3 months and the opportunity to add on month by month. 

Minimum 3 Months

Pay in full $2222

3 Month payment plan $741

6 Month payment plan $371

9 Month Payment plan $246

Each additional month is $666 p/m 

(payment plans will be adjusted for this)

Feel deeply into your body Goddess, 

Are you ready for this? 

Apply below x 

Secure your spot here 

Let me know why you want to be here and how you want to expand 

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